grandma + annie grook come for a visit

Maggie received a few new babies to add to the ever-growing collection. That is little Maggie on the left and Jaelynn on the right.

I know that I’ve already posted a similar picture, but look how cute!

This was the first time Maggie was really enthralled by a story. Annie Grook gave her a copy of Peter Rabbit as well as a hand-knitted Peter complete with blue vest (Maggie is holding him in the picture). When Grandma got to the part about the vest having brass buttons, Mags quickly started examining her little Peter to be sure that his vest matched the story – good thing Annie Grook had paid attention to detail.

One night Grandma had held fussy Calvin until he fell asleep and was then joined by Maggie, who had woken up with a bad dream. Looks like everyone is pretty cozy for song time.

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One Response to grandma + annie grook come for a visit

  1. iron girl says:

    Isn’t cool how a baby can bring the whole family together? Maggie is going to be a great big sister.

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