blast from the past, part 1

As I have been sorting out our mess of pictures, I’ve come across some that are too good not to share, so SKH suggested that I use them in a weekly “blast from the past” post. Even though this will make two posts in a row of things that are not our children, you will certainly recognize why this picture needs to be posted for the world to see.

In the summer of 2000, Sean and I took a team of high school students from Grace Community Church to Northern Ireland on a missions trip. (Actually, it would be more accurate to say that I took them and Sean joined us two days later…once he had sorted out his passport issues with our U.S. House Representative and spent many hours alone in different airports trying to get to us.) Overall, this trip was full of difficulties and while I know we grew spiritually and did even have some fun, basically it just made us thankful that after 26 days, it ended.

One afternoon we were driving all around Northern Ireland (and actually, a significant portion of the south as well) to pick up team members from their various ministry locations. We only had one student, Shannon Roehr, with us at this point. As we were driving (in the infamous minibus) through endless miles of green, I saw a cow…and then I had one. Sean and Shannon had not seen the cow, and by the time I could coherently speak to tell Sean to turn around, we were far enough down the road that he was not really excited to go back, but he decided to humor me. We ended up having to go quite a ways down the road to the next round-a-bout (super fun intersection replacement) to turn around and then go all the way back, but I think we all thought it was well worth it.

Here is the cow that caused all the fuss…


In the cow’s defense, she had very new twin calves, but still – that’s gross. After we took this picture, the calves got freaked out and started running away, which caused the cow to do her best to run to keep up. It did not look very comfortable at all, and I’m surprised she didn’t trip.

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11 Responses to blast from the past, part 1

  1. Tk log says:

    It might humor you to know that I fell off my chair from laughter/disgust after viewing that image of sheer horror.

  2. bean says:

    “sheer horror” is a good description. you should have taken a picture of yourself falling in sheer horror and used it as your profile picture. thanks for reading and commenting. it’s very encouraging to my blogging self-esteem. :)

  3. iron girl says:

    ok. that is disgusting. it must be fun to travel over sea’s.

  4. Tk log says:

    No problem Mohead :)

  5. AndyB says:

    That cow is loaded, she looks like she is going to blow. Must be that good ol’ Irish grass, maybe just the lucky four leaf clovers.

  6. Ben and Melissa James says:

    Hey Higgins!

    It’s Ben & Melissa James. How fun that you have a blog. I love keeping up with all your pics. Keep them coming! We also have one

  7. judith crotts says:

    Morgan! Yeah, I was reliving those days recently as I told someone about my GTY phone job…wow. The most exciting part was having someone call and yell at me. E-mail me if you want to catch up – Kids are fun, huh? Judy

  8. Anonymous says:

    That just looks painful…!!!!!!

    Becca (0:

  9. Anonymous says:

    where have you gone?
    have you run out of pics?

  10. Tk log says:

    Ok, moster. Its time for a new post. Seriously. I had to put another “featured post” link up on my blog… c’mon… I want to see more pictures of Calvin!!! lol… I mean its not like you’re busy being a mom or anything!!!! C’MON!

  11. J.OTIS MERSTER says:

    Hi, Morgan! It’s Jay’s (from GTY) wife.
    So is that all milk there in that cow?

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