maggie goes to the dentist

Maggie was a very compliant patient.

She is probably the only person ever to think the worst part of going to the dentist is the light shining in your eyes. Even the cool sunglasses didn’t cut it…

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  1. theGracegirl says:

    Mo, I just read all your new posts, and if I commented all that I wanted, I’d be here all day. You take great photos! Keep up the blogging–I love reading/viewing it.

    Btw, I agree with Maggie. I really get annoyed at the dentist light. I don’t know exactly why, but I think it makes me tired for the rest of the day. And I love the Calvin Starfish photo! Your kids better start cutting out the cuteness or there won’t be any left. :)

  2. Gods girl says:

    I can’t stand the dentist!!

  3. NeverAlone says:

    Hi there! I just got to see all these great pictures now and I love them…wow!
    Tim loves his dentist so much that 3 times he’s fallen asleep in the chair while they’re working on him.
    He can’t wait to go when he gets the chance. One time he had novocaine in both sides and came out and said, “Mom, feel my cheeks!” thinking I’d get the same sensation from the outside.

  4. iron girl says:

    That is soooo cute. Tell her I say Hi for me will ya? Thanks.

  5. skh says:

    Maybe the light doesn’t bother me as much after inhaling laughing gas for an hour.

  6. Tk log says:

    Okay, so I’ve looked at this post multiple times and have refrained from commenting simply because the things I have to say about the dentist are kind of embarrassing… I haven’t been for a real check up in like three years… but I’ve never had a cavity so.. But those are very cute pictures of Maggie, as they all are. I hope my next appointment goes as smoothly as that one… although, I think I’m getting wisdom teeth out on my next appointment… oh man…

  7. bean says:

    i can’t believe there are six comments on the dentist post. weird.

    i have never heard of anyone falling asleep at the dentist before. that is crazy! it doesn’t sound like tony is going to be getting a lot of sleep at his next dentist appointment.

  8. bean says:

    by the way, iron girl, maggie says hi back. she then reminded me that you babysat her with janelle. just in case i forgot. :)

  9. iron girl says:

    cute. Those were good times.

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