calvin riding in the car

Today we took my brother to the airport so he could go home after visiting for the week. We had a great time with him, and I’ll be posting more pictures later on to prove it. For now here are two that Sean took with his new fancy phone…

Here is Calvin displaying some very fat cheeks, a little bit of a grin and a pronounced man chin…

The trip was apparently exhausting, so Calvin decided to take a little nap holding his new “Pat the Bunny” from Uncle D.

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11 Responses to calvin riding in the car

  1. skh says:

    Ouch, I didn’t even get a hat tip for the cool new pics?

  2. bean says:


    “For now here are two that Sean took with his new fancy phone…”

    isn’t that a hat tip?

  3. skh says:

    It seems upon further review, that the sentence,

    “For now here are two that Sean took with his new fancy phone…”

    was indeed included in the original post, and I am an idiot reader.

  4. iron girl says:

    You guys got two super cute kids.

  5. Tk log says:

    Very cute.

  6. Anonymous says:

    awwww……….how CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Anonymous says: the way that was me…Becca :0)

  8. Shani says:

    Hello from LaShani! This blog was such a good idea of yours, right up there with Megabox – I’ll probably do this when I become a mom! I don’t have to worry about anything like that right now, though. I couldn’t believe how our resident Tom Hanks-lookalike (Gracegirl’s words first, and I had to agree upon my own assessment) has become over simply a month! “Yikes”! ♥

    Love in Christ, Shane<><

  9. theGracegirl says:

    Stink, that kid just gets cuter–a hard thing to accomplish! That smile. Wow.

    I seriously swear he looks more like Tom Hanks than ever.

  10. Gods girl says:

    You have VERY cute kids!!!

    He does not look like Tom Hanks!!!

  11. aunt nancy says:

    isn’t a hat tip what happens in hockey?

    and do i see knox in Calvin’s features???

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