stuff you do when you’re four months old

Calvin had his 4-month check-up on Wednesday with Dr. Haugen. He is now 26 inches long, weighs 15 pounds, 15 ounces and his head is 44 centimeters around. At two months he was in the 90th percentile in each category, but now he’s in the 95th in length and head size and has dropped to the 75th in weight.

So we have a tall, skinny, big-headed boy. Here he is, a little irritated about something. Oh, and yes, that is a cloth diaper. And yes, it is ridiculously overstuffed – he was about to go to bed.

Here are two of his hard-earned circus band-aids from his four shots. He took the first shot like a man but had a hard time after that.

Maggie was very concerned about her brother throughout the process, but was excited to receive her own band-aid to put in her purse. Here she is pointing to the band-aids.

Since he is so big, he thought that last night was a great time to start sitting at the dinner table with the family. He even talked his dad into sharing a little tomato sauce with him.


Grins commented about some pictures of Maggie with her band-aids, so I dug them up to share. These are actually from her 2-month shots, so it’s even more pitiful. I don’t think we took any pictures of Calvin’s 2-month shots…it looks like Maggie was wishing we weren’t taking any of hers.

Maggie had fancy-pants name-brand band-aids instead of generic circus ones…looks like Garfield and Bugs Bunny. But instead of Fuzzi Bunz she’s stuck with some saggy diaper. It wouldn’t be fair to have the nicer band-aids AND diapers.

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  1. grins says:

    WOW! I don’t believe Sean sat straight up in a chair or grocery cart until he was 5 months old (plus or minus)!!! This Calvin kid is Mr. Atlas — and an adorable road map at that! Are you really feeding him bread and lettuce already?

  2. grins says:

    I also remember bandaids like that (okay, maybe they weren’t exactly the same) on Maggie’s little legs — and CRYING pitifully when I saw the photos of her crying! Poor, sweet Calvin. Please know, Baby Boy, that Grandma would have loved to have been there to hold and cuddle you — whether they would have given me a bandaid for my purse or not!

  3. bean says:

    Calvin definitely thinks he is the strongest baby ever. He’s been very busy working out. And while he might like real food, no, he doesn’t get any yet. I’m mean. I like the non-stinky (or at least less-stinky) poo. I should find that picture of Maggie and post it as well…hmmm. Let me go look. Thanks for commenting!

  4. grins says:

    Thanks for the earlier photos of Maggie and her fancy pants and fancy bandaids! Those “first kids” really rate!

    Incidentally, why the cloth diapers for Calvin? Cheaper?

    Thanks so much for the “update” and for all the gorgeous photos of the kids and of the dad and of the cat. Looking forward to photos of the mom, too. I KNOW GG does an outstanding job with that camera!

    Love and Hugs!

  5. Tk log says:

    funny shots (no pun intended)

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