dr. vold + anne

These are from my check-up with our obstetrician, Dr. Vold (Calvin was 7 weeks old). Dr. Vold and Anne (his assistant) were very kind to a very cranky me through nine months of vomiting, discomfort, and a lot of hormones. They were probably almost as glad as I was that Calvin is now an outside baby.

And Calvin was very glad to spit up on Dr. Vold.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    So I see that your son wears fuzzy-buns. What do you think of them? I don’t know if you remember Sarah from summer camp, but she is expecting a little one this fall, and she is going to use them. Actually, I think that we are going to have a fuzzy-buns sewing party, and make our own.

    Anyway, I hope that you guys are doing well, and I cant wait to see you this summer! And you must come over for dinner while you are here!

    Miss you guys!
    Aimee Crum

  2. Leila B. says:

    Mo – I think you have inspired me to Blog. No, not have children, though I’m excited at having my own “fuzzy starfish” in the future – the far future….right, anyway, thank you for being so funny, cute, and fashion savvy.

  3. bean says:

    leila – you would be such a good blogger! you actually can write, unlike me. anyway, i’ll work on inspiring the child-bearing. it’s super fun.

    aimee! thanks for commenting again, especially since i never responded to your last comment. I LOVE FUZZI BUNZ. they are great. too expensive, but great. most of the time calvin is just in regular prefolds with a snappi and a dappi pants-style cover because we only have a few fuzzi bunz. hey, have the sewing party when i’m there! i want to see how you make them yourself. they really are amazing. and kind of cute…for a poop holder. anyway, i’m kind of obsessed with cloth diapers right now. i can’t wait to see you in june!

  4. iron girl says:

    Awwww.. so very cute.

  5. Tk log says:

    Ha. Nice….

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