I just got an e-mail from my sister-in-law regarding her newest published knitting pattern. While some of you may not care about knitting, you’ll probably like the featured model.

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4 Responses to reid

  1. Tk log says:

    Hey! Who’s that “Rediculously Gooood Looooking” Model?

  2. brooke t. higgins says:

    Hey! Thanks for the marketing, Mo! :) Hope y’all enjoy the adorable model pics as much as the rest of the world seems to.

  3. iron girl says:

    That is so awsome brooke t. higgins! and the model… wow… couldn’t have chosen any one better.

  4. AndyB says:

    Do you own a shotgun because your going to need to keep all those boys off your supermodel daughter. If she hits like you though she won’t need a gun. HAHA.

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