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racing maggie

posted by SKH Yesterday I came home to find Maggie “playing winter.” She was wearing bright yellow mittens, a bright yellow beanie, a golden “fa’ncee” dress, and sunglasses to protect her eyes from glare. I did take a picture and … Continue reading

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cutting trim with calvin

posted by SKH Our house is one large construction site. If you come for a visit you are likely to hear hammers hammering, drills drilling, and saws sawing. Tonight we noticed that Calvin was particularly fascinated by the chop saw … Continue reading

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calvin’s first solids

posted by SKH I realize that for some of you this might be extremely boring, but here is the first (of hopefully many more) video for hobbsandbean.

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calvin meets a lime

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How to get all those cute pictures for yourself

posted by SKH Hello from the Void! I promised my wife (and various long distance family members) that I would contribute a brief post on how to get all these great pictures from hobbsandbean onto their own computers. Those of … Continue reading

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