calvin’s first solids

posted by SKH

I realize that for some of you this might be extremely boring, but here is the first (of hopefully many more) video for hobbsandbean.

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6 Responses to calvin’s first solids

  1. Ben and Melissa James says:

    That was adorable! Thanks for keeping us updated on the Higgins!!!

  2. theGracegirl says:

    I still think he prefers the limes.

  3. grins says:

    I was beginning to think you were only going to give him sour things! Did he finally get a tooth to come through? Wow! How fun to watch him eat! Shades of watching Maggie swing back and forth and chew on her “globe!” Way too much fun! Author! Author!

  4. Tk log says:

    I love it!

  5. Leila says:

    Your child makes the best faces – that combined with Maggie giggling just brightened my evening considerably.

  6. Gods girl says:

    I agree with gracegirl

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