racing maggie

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Yesterday I came home to find Maggie “playing winter.” She was wearing bright yellow mittens, a bright yellow beanie, a golden “fa’ncee” dress, and sunglasses to protect her eyes from glare. I did take a picture and maybe Mo will post it later.

But today’s getup required a short video. Wearing her new flip-flops, her sunglasses, her wedding dress, and her “puke hat” (that is, the hat she wears when she’s not feeling well), she told me about her upcoming horse race.

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9 Responses to racing maggie

  1. grins says:

    Grins and Annie Grook both agree that Maggie definitely won both the three race and the four race.

  2. ol'anteenany says:

    EEEEEHHHAA Cowgirl!!! Yippee ty yi yay! upi ridim lil buckaroo. layback on dat dar bronc bustin’! I be gittin ya’riggin fer creesmus yessirreebob.

  3. aunt nancy says:

    after reviewing this race several times I think Maggie will run faster in the left lead. Granny Gale can help her with that.

  4. Leila says:

    Perhaps you should let Maggie know that wedding dresses and flip flops aren’t typicaly horse riding attire…but I’ll teach her that when she rides the eyeless wonder :o ).

  5. Tk log says:

    Whoo. That was close. For a second there I thought you had snatched some footage of my everyday life. But I’m glad to see it was just maggie. And not me.

    Very cute!

  6. Dave Cleland says:

    We enjoyed seeing the videos (we watched together!) But we were most excited to get to see a glimpse of Newman in the background.

  7. iron girl says:

    ooooo. I want to watch the movies so bad! (note to computer: Your stupid!) From the description that sounds so super cute.

  8. Anonymous says:

    If it is not to late (I know you are popular people around these parts of Ohio), Andy and I want to reserve you guys for the Monday after camp. Let me know if you can. There might also be some fuzzy bun sewing action that week. We will let you know.
    Anyway, we are all super exited for camp, and being able to see you guys again. I can’t believe its been a whole year already! Ah, how time flies.
    love ya
    Aimee Crum

  9. Gods girl says:

    She is soooooo cute. I just can’t stop watching this video.

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