cowgirl or movie star, you decide

Here is the picture that Sean referred to a few posts ago.

You may notice that the outfit doesn’t exactly match the description he gave. That is probably due to the fact that Maggie generally changes dress-up outfits every few minutes, and no one can really keep up with that. As you can see, we have a daughter with a very active imagination and a flair for the dramatic. I think here she had moved on from “playing winter” to riding her horse to her “fah-ncee” party. The hat is a “heh-met” (in case she falls off) and she insists on wearing the sunglasses upside-down. Note the lovely plastic bracelet – she enjoys accessorizing. And while you can’t see it in this picture, I’m pretty sure she’s wearing her “princess shoes” – plastic heels with lavender feathery stuff all over them.

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7 Responses to cowgirl or movie star, you decide

  1. Tk log says:

    I dunno… she still kinda looks like a jockie…

  2. skh says:

    I thought I did mention the change in outfits between the days. Alas, she is psycho gieco.

  3. iron girl says:

    You are the funnest person to play with, and not to mention the cutest. Keep up the laughs.

  4. theGracegirl says:

    Wow. I wish I had lavender heels with feathery stuff.

    I do think I remember having that bracelet, though.

  5. theGracegirl says:

    I miss you guys! I am thankful for your work there though. I know it is useful for the Kingdom, so I’ll endure. :) Know that our prayers are with you.

  6. Gods girl says:

    She is soo cute!!

  7. Bekah Anne says:

    Morgan Light!? This is Rebekah Kolstad, Josh and Caleb’s little sister. I found you through Micah. I recognized the name Sean higgins but couldn’t figure out why and then Caleb told me!! crazy. So anyways, just thought I would send a hello your way!!!

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