how maggie starts a race

“Ready on your market, go!”

(overheard before she thundered down the deck in her yellow fleece horsey-hat, floral jammie bottoms and leopard-print tank top)

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3 Responses to how maggie starts a race

  1. grins says:

    Hey! I know you think I don’t look at your blog and your adorable photos … but I DO!!! And I love every one that you post.

    I anyone would know the proper way to start a race, Maggie would. That girl is on the ball! I printed the photo of Sean and the kids that you posted last week and have been waving it at everyone who stops long enough to look. They are all mesmerized!

    Am enjoying my mouse pads but do not have the heart to put mice on them … sorry! Tell Maggie and Calvin thank you for such thoughtful (and personal) b’day gifts. I will be sending a thank you note to them next week.

    Hope everyone is back to being healthful. Can’t wait to see more photos and hear more quotes. Calvin is going to have to get busy and catch up! But then again, once he gets “racing,” Maggie will undoubtedly have a worthy challenger.

    Love and Hugs

  2. AndyB says:

    She is well on her way to being a great and fast shopper.

  3. Tk log says:

    …That’s how I used to say it… :)

    And Andy, that was actually pretty funny… thanks for that (laughs).

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