not quite, but that baby does

Sean just sent me this ad that Jesse Martin, our super-photographer friend, recently made for his design business. I obviously had to share it with everyone.

The reason for Calvin’s happiness in the picture? Testosterone, apparently. He had just escaped all the girls that had been playing with him at Ichthus to hang with the men (Jonathan Sarr, one of his favorite men, is holding him). For those of you that haven’t seen Calvin do this in person, he makes loud grunting noises when he sees men that he knows – it’s like he’s calling to them, “Hey! I am one of you! Come get me! These girls are boring!”.

Jesse, we’ll be looking for the check in the mail – Calvin’s college fund thanks you.

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4 Responses to not quite, but that baby does

  1. brooke t. higgins says:

    so what’s the chance that those of us who are across the nation and still love that baby can get those pictures in their original form? hmm? not that we don’t care about jesse, just that we love the baby!

  2. Tk log says:

    I’m so glad that girls are able to read these words from the mouth of the mommy.

  3. iron girl says:

    His grunting noises are the best! Great job Jesse!

  4. skh says:

    Brooke, here is a page with more pictures from Jesse. Many are not of Calvin or Maggie, but many are.

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