maggie’s ever-growing wisdom

Maggie recently started in Awana. She is VERY proud to be a Cubbie, and every night asks if tomorrow is “wana day”. (Side note – this question always makes me a little sad – since we live in Washington, tomorrow is never “wana day” for me.) Mags has been a successful memorizer so far – it took us all of about two minutes to teach her the Cubbie motto and first verse. Anyway, this post really is just so that I can brag. Maggie (in her first day as a Cubbie, no less) got herself some very special recognition on one of my favorite blogs. For those of you who haven’t seen this masterpiece, maintained by Jesse Martin, you really should check out all the other quotes – pretty funny.

In case you are wondering, there is an explanation (of sorts) that goes with Maggie’s quote…but it’s funnier just to leave it without one.

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