zacchaeus was a flat-packed, affordable swedish man

About a month ago we got a “Wee Sing Bible Songs” cd for Maggie. I had the tape when I was growing up and really liked it. I am now beginning to see that because of my great affection for the songs, I probably drove my mother crazy. Mags has enjoyed singing a lot of the songs, and gets really excited when it is one that she sings at Sunday “cool”. One of her favorites is the one about Zacchaeus…here’s a little sample of how she sings it :

He cwimbed up in a sit-uh-more twee,
cause da Lord he wanted to see.
And as da Sav-or passed that way,
He look up in da twee,
and he said, “ZIKEA! You come down!
For I going to your house today.”

Hopefully Zacchaeus’ wife knew that you don’t have to be rich, just smart.

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3 Responses to zacchaeus was a flat-packed, affordable swedish man

  1. Tk log says:

    Haha nice.

  2. aimee says:

    Thanks for the chat on tuesday. As always, you are such an encouragement to me.

    Kids say the cutest things. This one kid that I was waiting on at Rocknes ordered chicken fingers for dinner. When I asked if he wanted any sauce, he responded ever so seriously, “applesauce please”.

  3. theGracegirl says:

    That’s so great! I was wondering where the title was going. I tried singing it in my head to the tune, and it just didn’t work! I love it.

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