sometimes the picture is just too cute…

I just got bunches of pictures developed (including a lost roll from the summer), and while I don’t have time to post any more than this, who could resist? Just consider it a teaser for the rest of the California pictures.

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11 Responses to sometimes the picture is just too cute…

  1. clyde says:

    That is a beautiful man.

  2. bean says:

    i agree, but who are you talking about? i mean, i know you’ve always looked up to sean, but beautiful? wow.

  3. clyde says:

    Ambiguity. :) Morgan, I mean the son of Jesse was called beautiful.

  4. Tk log says:

    I think Sean is beautiful too

    I’m not ashamed either

  5. cwblogger says:

    while both men in the picture can be and are considered beautiful, I am thinking that the building in the background deserves a shout out! Is that TMS?

    Very nice!

  6. bean says:

    ooo, nice guess, but no, it is not tms. i suppose that it is a training ground of sorts…it’s south coast plaza (according to wikipedia, “one of the most identified, alluded, and famous malls in the united states”). basically, it’s a favorite location of a lot of rich, bored women.

    i was just excited that the light was so nice.

  7. Leila says:

    A lot of bored, *really* rich women ;) . This picture almost makes me want to have kids…if only for the photographic possibilities. Then again, taking pictures of flowers involves much less overall discomfort and pain…

  8. cwblogger says:

    “far less discomfort and pain”, but also far less joy and dependence on Christ! I can’t wait until you guys have kids!

  9. Pecadillo says:

    Sean is a handsome devil.

    But I don’t think I’d go so far as to call him “beautiful”. To me, “beautiful” conjures up an image of a stunning woman or a postcard sunset. When describing a man like SKH, a man that is the picture of manliness, I don’t think that “beautiful” is the appropriate adjective. Mr. Higgins is a stud in the same way that Steve McQueen was a stud. SKH is like a young, late 60′s James Garner. Only Sean won’t grow up to be the sad old fat guy that used to play Rockford. Seanie is like a fine wine; he actually gets better with age.

    Here’s to Sean!

  10. skh says:

    Wow. Pecadillo is quite gracious, though being manly with a nickname like Seanie is admittedly hard to pull off. In addition, I am motivated to keep my McQueen-like manliness in line with the law so that I might avoid being appropriately manhandled.

  11. Tk log says:

    Wow. Pec is a Powner!

    That is awesome.

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