happy easter

By the way, for all of you that have been complaining about the lack of pictures of the entire family, HERE IS ONE. Enjoy it.

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  1. theGracegirl says:

    Very nice. What a great picture. Happy Easter, Higg family!

    Or should I say, Happy Day After Easter?

  2. grins says:

    WHOA! A photo of everyone? Who woulda thunk it! Terrific! I am so glad you got that new camera. You seem to be rather happy about it, too, Morgan.

    God bless you all! (and go camp in that doctor’s office!!!)

  3. Benjamin says:

    Hey Morgan! It is really great to hear from you! Yes I am at the air force academy these days playing polo. I would love it if you could shoot me an email (benmcf@sbcglobal.net) i’d love to hear how you are doing since the days of sppy so long ago.
    – Ben

  4. bean says:

    Ben Francois! I WILL e-mail you. I can’t believe that you are not 10 anymore. That is weird.

    Katie, I did think about naming the post “happy (day after) easter”, but that didn’t seem as festive. :) What I really meant to do was post this ON Easter. Whoops.

  5. theGracegirl says:

    Hey, I know how it goes. :) And I don’t even have kids. So maybe I don’t know how it goes…

    When I commented, I meant that I was belated. I didn’t even noticed when you had posted. I just kind of assumed that you’d posted it on Easter.

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