a picture for bop + gg

My parents are in Southern California for a few (2, 3, 4…5?) weeks, taking care of their lovely business, and it is proving to be difficult for our little Magpie. She misses them very much and talks about them constantly. Her major concern is that they won’t be home for her birthday…which is in August. She probably doesn’t need to be concerned about that, but it’s still kind of funny. Anyway, she made this for them…

For those of you not fluent in MaggieArt, what you are seeing here is Bop and Geet’s business (the house shaped object) as well as a few renditions of their car as they are driving there. The writing (she got a little help with the spelling) says “ItS FRoM MAGGIE GG Bod”, which, when translated, means “This picture is from Maggie, GG and Bop”. I thought it was very cute and sweet.

We all miss you, Geet + Bop! Come home soon.

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  1. theGracegirl says:

    I agree–so cute, very sweet! I could tell what she’d written, too. It’s so fun to see a kid learn how to write, and hit all those major milestones. Especially in such a sweet way. :)

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