you can tell a man by his bike

Cal was so excited about this motorcycle, we thought he was going to have a seizure. The owner saw Calvin admiring the bike and suggested that he hop on to check it out. Cal loved it.

On another note, here is Sean checking out a different kind of bike. Maggie had proclaimed, “Dada can’t ride my bike – he’s too big!” Apparently, she was wrong. He actually rode it around the gym for quite a while.

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  1. clyde says:


  2. Barbara says:

    What great photos! I hope each of those men got the bike he wanted! Love and Hugs — Mom/Grandma

    P.S. Maggie, don’t ever tell your daddy he can’t do something. He’ll prove you wrong every time. You see, “Doing-What-You-Tell-Me-I-Can’t-Do” is his middle name …

  3. skh says:

    “Doing-What-You-Tell-Me-I-Can’t-Do” is what Kiley means in the original Celtic if I’m not mistaken.

  4. Tk log says:

    My middle name means “Heavily Thatched”………..

    ..I love the pictures :)

  5. Barbara says:

    Oh, excuse me, Son. I thought that was the original Greek, if I’m not mistaken. Although, whatever its origination, it probably fits both of the Higgins males in Marysville!

  6. bean says:

    I am always surprised by which posts receive so many comments. I don’t get what makes one more comment-able than another. This is just a post with two cell phone pictures – who cares! :) Well, let the bantering continue…

  7. Sarah Z says:

    What do you mean – “who cares!” – of course we care. Every post is taken very seriously. Even the cell phone photos!

    Speaking of – how do you get those off your phone and on your blog?

  8. bean says:

    well, sarah, you ask your really nice husband who owns a really nice bluetooth-equipped mac to get them off of your bluetooth-equipped phone. then he e-mails them to you and you post them. at least that’s how it works for me. :)

  9. Sarah Z says:

    So what your saying is that I have to get a really nice husband before I can get the pictures off my phone? wow – that might take awhile :-)

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