the long overdue pictures

Okay, we’ve already established that I am not the greatest sister-in-law. I am about to prove this further…

My sweet daughter is 5 years, 1 month and 5 days old today. That is a nice, creative way to say that I am 35 days late in posting these pictures. If it makes you feel any better, Annie Grook, I am some 200+ days late in posting Disneyland pictures, not to mention zillions of other pics, quotes and stories that I want to share. I really do have good intentions…and then, well, the road to an empty blog is paved with good intentions.

So on to the pictures…first up, Maggie’s face of knowing delight as she showed off her birthday sweater. As she opened it, she nodded and said, “Annie Grook let ME pick the yarn this year. Oh yeah, AND the sweater!”.

Here she is , getting comfy, telling us about something or other…

All settled in , and very happy with her new pink sweater!

Thank you, Annie Grook! She loves the sweater, and it’s perfect. She’ll wear it all the time, I’m sure. She is really happy that it looks nice with her Valentines socks from this year…oh, wait, that’s another picture I’m late in posting. Dang it! Hey, Calvin has them on in the picture I posted right before this…does that count?

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3 Responses to the long overdue pictures

  1. brooke t. higgins says:

    Thank you thank you thank you… The pictures are great, and I’m even happier to see that it fits! The combination of yarn and pattern that Maggie picked out is fantastic. Thanks again!!

    (I’m gonna steal a couple of these and put them on my blog!)

  2. Barbara says:

    Wow! Pictures — REAL pictures! And really GREAT pictures! What a super-pretty sweater and super-pretty girl who is wearing it. If the Disney photos are half as cute, I’m willing to wait for another 35 days!

    As for Calvin’s bare butt — I didn’t have any problems checking your blog each day and chuckling at that adorable bottom!

  3. Jen Crawford says:

    Hey Morgan! So good to hear from you! The half marathon went very well! I only cared about finishing not my time. (2:40) I am not sore anymore which is nice. Anyway, I hope that you are doing well and I can’t believe Maggie is 5 already! That is crazy! Tell Sean I say hi and that I want to enter the LA marathon. I think he did that one a while back. Talk to you later! -Jen

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