why cold weather can be enjoyed…or tolerated, at least

Honestly, I really don’t like cold weather…and cold weather starts at about 65 degrees for me. But today I remembered one of my coping strategies…wool socks! They make all the difference. And when they are custom made for your feets by Annie Grook…well, if you haven’t experienced it, you can’t really understand it, but it’s a very good thing.

By the way, in case you wondered, yes, it’s very hard to get Calvin to stand still squished in between your knees for a picture like this. There is much whining, writhing and screaming involved.

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4 Responses to why cold weather can be enjoyed…or tolerated, at least

  1. brooke t. higgins says:

    Yay for handknit socks! Thanks for dealing with the whining and wiggling… the picture is awesome. :)

  2. orangelugster says:

    I’m sure it is hard for many Washingtonians to grasp but I actually miss the cold, wet weather of the Northwest and am extremely jealous of those who are experiencing a change of seasons! I guess I’ll just have to wait for Thanksgiving break…

  3. bean says:

    ian. i am now officially concerned for you. enjoy the “cold” weather there! it’s my favorite kind of cold – fake! hahaha. now go to sleep! it’s late.

  4. Dave Cleland says:

    Where did that little girl come from? What happened to your little baby girl Maggie? I’m feeling old.

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