bossy shoes

So, I got new running shoes a while ago. I ordered them from Amazon, and upon first look was very happy with the new version of my old shoes – see how nice they look?

However, on closer inspection, I was quite surprised to receive such a personalized pair of very bossy shoes…lacking a comma of course, but can you really expect proper punctuation from a pair of shoes?

Why am I posting this?

Because Mo goed. Or went. Actually, Mo is goING. Today marks Day 25 of my exercise streak. I’m very excited about it. I know it’s not much – just 20 minutes of walking or jogging each day (at wildly varying speeds depending on how I’m feeling), but I’m loving it and am glad to see movement in my life towards consistency.

It started as a commitment to 21 days of exercise, thank you Ben Franklin. I joined a group of other cloth diapering moms online (yes, I realize this is weird) who were doing the same thing. It was REALLY hard a few of the days, but I ended up loving it. So much so, that I kept going! I’m now on Day 3 of my second time around, this time with my mom.

Here’s to more MoGo.

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6 Responses to bossy shoes

  1. Gale says:

    Yipee. And I finished 4/21. Thanks for the inspiration. And know this – that you now have Stuffy on the run.

  2. Stuffy says:

    Okay, I will try this again. When I finally found my shoes, I inspected them for some sort of message as Mo’s gave and you will NOT believe what I found! Mine said “NOGO”! Is that wierd (weird?) or what!? Okay, okay, I am off for my 20 minutes (1/21). I am not digging this accountability stuff(y)! xoxo

  3. bean says:



    You not only commented on my blog, but you have an account and everything! You are so computer savvy!

    Bummer about your shoes. They are working against you! Hee hee.

    Good job, go for it!

  4. Micah James Lugg says:

    Mo, congrats on the exercise and the shoes, both are a good investment.

  5. Adrienne says:

    Go Mo go!!!!! :) So are you going to do a Black Christmas Blitz ala SPPY?! ;) :p

  6. bean says:


    Oh, that’s funny – the idea of me trying to do Black Christmas. I would die sometime during warm-up. The level of out-of-shapeness that I have accomplished is quite spectacular. :)


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