bring on the pink fuzzi bunz!

That’s right, InsideBaby is a girl!

I’ll try to post some ultrasound pictures tomorrow – my scanner is having some issues currently. For those of you not really in to deciphering ultrasound pics, you can just shut your eyes and picture some mostly unrecognizable gray shapes with accents of black and white.

This revelation puts to rest, at least in my case, the debate as to whether HG (hyperemesis gravidarum, i.e. insane morning sickness) is tied to the baby’s sex. Nope. Seems to be tied to being pregnant with anything but my first.

We’re hovering very close to a decision on the name, and we’ll post that as soon as we finish the summit. We had Haddon Hobbs selected for a boy, so skh did throw out something like “Haddonia” as a possibility. At least she’d never have to tack her last initial on the end to distinguish herself from all the other Haddonias.

For those wondering about reactions from the OutsideKids…Calvin made a loving noise and kissed my belly before running back to his putting. Maggie (who got to come to the ultrasound) was, and is, completely thrilled to have the future bunkmate she’s been praying for. When we got home she got busy painting a picture of our new family that I will also try to post tomorrow. I’ll give you a teaser – we are all VERY tall and this baby has shoulder length blonde hair.

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7 Responses to bring on the pink fuzzi bunz!

  1. Cherie says:

    A sister for Maggie! How fun. I hope your morning sickness is almost over. What’s the due date?
    Blessings on you all!


  2. Cherie says:

    I was posting on my blog about Rick’s birthday being today. It reminded me of my birthday while you were working at GTY. (I know…not the best of times for you…but I hope a few fond memories). Anyway do you remember a little “fender bender” with a bike?

  3. Adrienne says:

    YEAH!!!!! Girls RULE! (Sorry Calvin) And for the record, I know someone whose daughter was born with shoulder length hair! Congrats to you!

  4. Sarah Z says:

    Haddonia is a wonderful name! You should stick with it :-)

  5. bean says:

    Cherie! I’m so sorry it’s taken me forever to respond – I’ll drop you a line at your blog as well, just in case you don’t see this.

    The morning sickness isn’t even hopefully supposed to be over until 27 weeks, and I’m 19 now, but a new medication is working WONDERS currently. I’m off to the doctor tomorrow to try to get more of this wonder drug. Our due date is October 11thish.

    Of COURSE I have fond memories of working with you at GTY! You are the nicest supervisor in the world. My job there did actually completely remove my love for talking on the phone, but that’s probably not a bad thing.

    Now, we are not going to stay friends if we have to talk about the fender bender. Ha ha, just kidding. I remember it like it happened yesterday. I think the worst part, once I knew the girl was okay, was having EVERY. SINGLE. GTY employee drive past me on their way into the office. Bleh. I hope you have better memories of me too! :)

    I love your blog, by the way. I’m so bummed that I won’t be coming out to Ohio this summer – you’ll have to enjoy Sean and Maggie without me and Calvin and Inside Baby Girl. Love you!

  6. Cherie says:

    Since I want to stay friends, I won’t mention the fender bender again…except this one more time.
    Did any of the employees stop to see it you needed help??? It seems like my main concern that day was “where are we going for lunch”?

    I’m glad your new medication is working. There’s nothing worse than being sick all day while you have little ones to take care of. I used to get so sick I couldn’t keep a glass of water down. Somehow I still managed to put on weight.

    I Love you too!

  7. bean says:

    Sarah – I meant to say that you have swung our decision, and Haddonia it is.

    Adrienne – thanks so much for the congrats! Your little girl is a doll.

    Cherie – you know, I think that Don Green (who had previously spoken like 6 1/2 words to me) did stop and was very nice. Everyone else stared…especially Bill. :) Yeah, I think part of the gaining weight after being so sick is just pure reaction. Once you are able to eat, it’s open season. I gained quite a bit more with Calvin (who I was sick with) than Maggie (who I wasn’t sick with). I was just excited to eat and not throw up! :)

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