mystery solved

The past few days when Cal would ask to go outside, it would be the start of an extended conversation along these lines…

Cal : “Me go out?!”

Grownup : “Yes, you can go out.”

Cal : “Me feet flop flop?”

Grownup: “No, you don’t need flip flops on.”

(Repeat the last two lines about 50 times, and then add the grownup saying “Please stop asking that.”)

Cal : “Me doggy feet?”

Grownup : “What?”

Cal : “Me doggy feet?”

Grownup : “Uh, doggy feet? We don’t know what that means, just go outside.”

Finally, we have an answer about the doggy feet. As my mom was having this discussion with Cal today, she had an epiphany! Doggy feet = Bare feet. Cal sleeps with quite the menagerie, including a doggy and a bear, and he has always seen the two as interchangeable. Anyway, we are glad to understand and he is glad to be understood.

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4 Responses to mystery solved

  1. kdw says:

    that is so funny! I am glad you figured that one out! Good job Gale! Who would have ever guessed that’s what he was trying to say! :)

  2. Anonymous says:

    Oh Mo, I can’t wait to have stories like that! And being that it’s Glenn’s son I’m having, he’s sure to be a little “off” in the head! -Erica

  3. bean says:

    Erica – yay for little boys! However, your little boy is probably going to be born fluent in 16 languages and be parsing everything you say by the time he’s 2. :)

  4. Jenni says:

    That’s SO cute!!

    One of mine used to call my purse a “lego” and we finally figured out it was because every time I picked it up I said “let’s go”.

    Kids. They’re just so damn cute. I think I’ll have me another.


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