lots of fun in the (hideous) whale pool

My mom called me from the store the other day to see if the kids “needed” a new inflatable pool in the shape of a whale that had a slide and a built in sprinkler. It was on sale and everything! We decided that yes, of course they were in need of said pool, so she brought it home and we set it up. (I’m going to leave out the story of the actual setting up of the pool – let’s just say that it took the shop vac, a lot of vacuum attachments that didn’t really fit together, three adults, about an hour and resulted in me being very sore the next day.)

It is a very ugly pool. Very ugly and kind of cheaply made – the built in sprinkler broke during the first five minutes of use, the kids were not really interested in the slide, and we started to think we had wasted our twenty-two dollars.

Then the wild side of Calvin kicked in, which triggered Maggie to be a little more reckless, and we decided that even if the pool broke that day, it was totally worth the money. Here is some video of the craziness to enjoy – if your name isn’t Grandma Higgins, you will probably only need to watch a minute or two before you’ve had your fill, but it includes some great snot footage, Maggie showing off her knowledge of the months of the year and Calvin “counting”. Right at the end of the clip Dada comes home and the craziness ramps up.

Whale Pool from Sean Higgins on Vimeo.

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3 Responses to lots of fun in the (hideous) whale pool

  1. Cherie says:

    Well, I am not Grandma Higgins…but I watched the whole video. Very cute! You’re doing a great job, MO.


  2. Barbara says:

    How hysterical! Who would have thought that another whale would show up to swallow two adorable kids and spew them out over and over again! I am a personal fan of the snot AND the missing plus growing-in teeth. Calvin is so ready for those numbers and months.

    Being Grins herself, I had no trouble watching the video several times before stopping to comment. Please keep the videos coming. It makes the thought of Thanksgiving even sweeter! HUGE HUGS to all!!!

  3. Ben and Melissa James says:

    Charis enjoyed that entire video from beginning to end and then asked to watch it again! Thank you for providing such entertainment family! I can’t believe how big the kids are getting and Maggie looks just like you, Morgan!

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