i can’t look away, and you won’t be able to either…

HT: Purgatorio

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9 Responses to i can’t look away, and you won’t be able to either…

  1. brooke t. higgins says:

    Look at you and your mad brilliance getting it on your blog. You spreader-of-evil, you.

    What is wrong with Hillary! Seriously!

  2. Leila says:

    So…this is my conundrum:

    Do I vote for Obama, leading to the rise of the Anti-Christ and thus moving us closer to the Rapture?

    Do I vote for McCain, as a Republican, while actually putting a quasi-conservative-democrat-independent into office?

    Do I just vote for Ralph Nader like the entire U District has for the last ten years?

    Or, do I write in Andy’s name?

  3. Missy Ween says:

    I just popped in to see your blog after reading your very encouraging posts at Femina. This is just the funniest little film of all the wackos driving and partying along. It made my day!

  4. bean says:

    Leila – duh, look how much fun Obama is!!! Vote for him!

    No offense to Andy, but I might write Ron Paul in first if I was voting my conscience. Our whole house wrote J Sarr in for whatever crackpot school district administrator we just had to vote for. :)

    Missy – welcome! Thanks for not bringing any peas, carrots and cutlery. Enjoy the wackos!

  5. Cherie says:

    this is just creepy!
    It’s only missing Slick Willy.

  6. Cherie (Baker) Vann says:

    HILARIOUS – made my day!! we should put some lipstick on obama :)

  7. Cherie (Baker) Vann says:

    i had to come back and look at it again :) hahahhahahhaha

  8. Caleb Kolstad says:

    The liberal NW is corrupting your minds! :)

  9. bean says:

    i love that people keep commenting here, because then i have a good excuse to come back and watch it again!!!!

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