maggie aims for division done rightly

Mags and I have been cleaning out her collection of church papers that she feels strangely attached to so that there will be space for Hallie in her room. No, seriously, when you bring home 27 sheets of paper every week from church and insist that all of them are crucial to your happiness, it begins to take over your bedroom.

One we came across today gave me particular amusement – it was from Sunday school and featured drawings of various things – cats, pizza, carrots, etc. Maggie had written initials by each of the drawings, and she explained that these were the initials of people that liked the thing pictured. I admired the initialing and then suggested that we throw it away. She was appalled – “Mama! It’s to help me remember that Annie…Annie…Annie, I can’t remember her last name, but she’s in my Sunday school, likes carrots!” I really didn’t have a response to that one. I also enjoyed that the initials by the cats were “MH”…I guess just in case she forgets that she likes Newman? Let’s not even get into what, exactly, this has to do with whatever they are doing in Sunday school.

Anyway, there was one paper that I felt was worth keeping, and skh took a quick picture for me to share with you.

Maggie's seminar registration

It looks like Maggie is planning on attending skh’s upcoming seminar. We’re not sure where she’s getting the $50 from, but maybe she’s just counting on her dimples gaining her free admission. My favorite part is that her phone number is “2 am”.

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5 Responses to maggie aims for division done rightly

  1. Cherie says:

    this is too cute!

  2. Caleb Kolstad says:

    Way to go!

  3. Barbara says:

    Seriously — it’s her dad’s class, after all; you wouldn’t want to deny her learning such important information; and get real — the dimples WILL work!

  4. bean says:

    yeah, this is true…the dimples would work. i kinda wish maggie didn’t know that. :)

  5. Barbara says:

    Don’t worry, Morgan. I won’t say a word to her about the dimples. My lips are sealed …

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