dinner conversation with calvin

Well, the title pretty much sums it up. He was in too good of a mood for skh to pass up the opportunity to catch it on film.

Dinner Conversation with Cal from Sean Higgins on Vimeo.

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  1. rachelann says:

    mo…that was too cute!! my favorite part was when he was talking about “peeing on the trees”! we will continue to pray for you and hallie and for your delivery. love and miss you! rachel mizener

  2. Anonymous says:

    Mo, Sam was so excited to see Cal and then Cal mentioned his name!!!
    Cal and I did have fun shooting ducks…we avoided shooting people until Mr. Rothenberger joined the fun…sorry!

  3. Barbara says:

    WOW! What a cute kid! Is this the same one that you say throws fits and disobeys and jumps off things and gets bruises and cuts and stuff? Can’t possibly be. The kid in this video is outrageously adorable — a downright angel!

    How fun! If I hadn’t already been chomping at the bit and eagerly awaiting hugging and cuddling and photographing and observing and staring at my grandchildren in November, well, I certainly am now!Thanks for the “show.” (Wherever did you get such gorgeous children!?!?)

  4. Barbara says:

    Okay, on the second viewing, I’ve decided that your kids like being naked way too much! I’m wondering what kind of an influence these naked parents have on these poor, unsuspecting children. Hmmm…

    So did you actually find a chiropractor for Calvin that you like? Is it helping him? Does this chiro. say any of the things Chaffee did?

    And what’s the thing about eating “man cookies?” That makes me even more nervous than your children wantng to be naked all the time.

    By the way, Calvin, thanks for the special “bye, Grandma” and the “I love you.” Grandma loves you, too very much and can hardly wait to see you at Thanksgiving!

  5. Cherie (Baker) Vann says:

    they are so freaking cute!!

  6. Cherie (Baker) Vann says:

    I had to watch it again, I love when kids just laugh all silly – like they don’t have a care in the world! :)

  7. Julie Gebhards says:

    Thanks for the heads-up with Cam! I have lots to ask the opthalmologist next apt. Poor girl! She’s kind of annoyed by the glasses at this point, but takes them off and then puts them on again… Kurt and I both watched “little Sean”…your kids are so cute!

  8. theGracegirl says:

    This makes me smile. I miss kids here, Mo! It’s ridiculously 18-22 year old here.

    When did the Greens get chickens?! As if they’re not a busy enough family already! What in the world… I do not know how some people do all they do.

    I miss the corn maze! I associate corn crossing/corn kick/whatever it’s called now with the early years, when I ate a mini frozen corn dog because I was a dumb Jr. High show off, and when the prizes were canned corn. :) How are the kids in the youth group this year? It seems like there are such different dynamics from year to year. I got to see some at View Weekend, but hardly got any time with them because I’ve been ridiculously busy.

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