baseball or ballet

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I know you really want to hear about Hallie. That’s understandable. Rest assured more will be said and shown of her soon. For now, enjoy the following exchange between Calvin and Maggie as they enjoyed dessert together a few days ago.

Calvin: “After ‘ssert play ba’ball?”

Maggie: “Or, we could dance?!”

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4 Responses to baseball or ballet

  1. brooke t. higgins says:

    Thanks for sharing. Sort of reminds me of when we were kids, and you’d agree to play house with me, but your job was to go off and play baseball all day while I stayed home and did whatever “playing house” meant.

  2. Cherie says:

    I’d much rather dance!
    How fun!

  3. Barbara says:

    I personally love the conversation. I’m especially curious to hear who won out. Did they do some of each? And are they enjoying their new sister? Who gets to change the diapers? Does Hallie dance, too, or play baseball? I hope Maggie and Calvin help her get some teeth soon or she won’t even be able to eat lunch with them. Remind Mags and Cal to teach her a few words while they’re at it, too.

    And how is Mom? Is she getting enough rest?

    Love and Hugs to All

  4. Anonymous says:

    Standard Morgan to LD manipulation, passed down from mother to daughter.

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