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As many others have already posted, please be praying for Andrew, Grace, AJ and Gracie Mark as it is likely that Andrew will be called home sometime today.

I feel much closer to the Marks than I really am. My best friend was one of Grace’s first disciplers at UCLA – I already cared for them before they moved up to Washington. Once they were here, my parents began discipling them and became good friends. My dad was there for the first doctor’s appointments as Andrew and Grace began their battle with this cancer and he is on his way to Minneapolis right now – hopefully to say goodbye to Andrew (for now), but at least to be there for Grace and the kids during this difficult time. I’m praying that God will use him alongside of the family and great church body that are there to bring comfort as it is needed.

Just the other night Sean and I were watching Prince Caspian (kinda lousy movie for such a great book, but whatever) and I was so struck by the scene where the Pevensie kids are back in the treasure room of Cair Paravel, remembering back to who and what they were in Narnia. I was overwhelmed by how true it was. God’s children really do get called back to an amazing place that makes this world look like a dirty subway station. We really do go reign with our Lord in glory. That really happens.

It’s happening to Andrew right now.

Praise God!

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  1. Chuck Weinberg says:

    I don’t know anything about the movie, but I am excited about going to Heaven.

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