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(Yes, I am aware that I NEVER post on my blog. I do apologize. I have a lot of pictures here, three or four posts that have already been started and many more in my head. Getting things to a posting point is the difficulty. I’m working on it, I promise. Until I work harder, here’s a quick one for you.)

skh just got back from evening service with the two older kidlets (the younger was crouping it up at home with Mama) and delivered the following Calvin story.

Sitting in church (listening to the sermon like a big boy [!!!]) Calvin tapped Sean’s arm, pointed at a few quarter notes in the hymnal he was inspecting and whispered, “Are these golf clubs?”.

I found that hilarious. Boppa will be very happy.

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  1. kdw says:

    that is SO FUNNY! Love it! It was SO great rooming with you the last couple of days… and no, I wasn’t crying… I just looked very tired apparently! :D hahaha

  2. Chuck Weinberg says:

    Well Well, she lives:)
    Thanks for hangin’ with my girls this weekend, I think they had a great time visiting with you.

  3. When a Picture Just Isn't Enough says:

    Too cute – I love it!

    And I am ashamed to say that I just realized that I started an e-mail to you…months ago, maybe? Anyway, I found it in my drafts because I never finished or sent the note, and I am here to declare that I am a Big Fat Loser who is groveling for forgiveness. Will you still be my friend even though I’m terrible about writing back?? Ha – and you thought that you were lame about writing back, but you were wrong. ;-P

    If it makes a difference, I have composed many letters to you in my head. And they were all really good. :-D

    I’m glad to see a post from you, though! :)

  4. Cherie Baker Vann says:

    BBAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA that is hilarious! Your kids are as corny as you are :) hehehehehe

    So glad you posted!

  5. bean says:

    Chuck, it was brutal punishment to room with your daughter. I don’t know how I survived. :)

    Laina – no problem! I’m just glad you weren’t mad or something. :) Hallie just had her follow-up that was supposed to clear her, but the x-ray came back a little suspicious so we need to go back at a year to see if surgery will be in order, I guess. It’s not an angle issue but a anterior coverage issue (?). You would probably know a lot more about this than I do. :) I’d love to hear from you again, hips or not.

    Cherie, I am NOT corny! What are you talking about!?!?!?! I ban you from my blog. JK. I love you!

  6. When a Picture Just Isn't Enough says:

    You silly girl – how could I ever be mad at you?! You have kids, I have kids – I get it. And as you can see, I am even better at keeping up with everything than you are – hahaha!

    I have been praying for Hallie, and I will continue to pray. It sounds like she has shallow sockets that are not covering the joint, which is what they diagnosed Elise with when she was 2 months old. The problem with shallow sockets is that the hip joint can very easily dislocate, and a malformation of the joint itself since the ball-and-socket work and fit together a certain way. So Lord willing she doesn’t have that, but if she does then it’s the best thing for her to get it corrected as soon as possible – she’ll never remember going through all of it now, and it will prevent her from having major hip problems and replacements when she’s an adult.

    Did they see anything on the x-rays when she was a newborn? Were they just waiting it out, or did they just not see anything? That’s the only bummer part – if they had caught it when she was tiny and her bones were still soft and malleable, they could have fixed it with the Pavlik harness and possibly avoided the surgery. But the Lord is totally in control of all things, and I will continue to pray that He would cause her hips to be fine so that she can avoid the surgery, and that He would cause everything to go smoothly for all of you if she does end up having to do the surgery.

    Keep me posted!

  7. TJ says:

    I was rereading some old Money Saving Mom comments and saw that you sell FuzziBunz. Where do I look? You aren't far from me, and I'm still on the lookout for some cloth diapers for my twins due this fall.

    My email is on my blog, and I think also linked to my profile.

    Oh and that is too cute! My kids are always busy being noisy in church.

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