i can’t really tell if he likes it…

delighted dude

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8 Responses to i can’t really tell if he likes it…

  1. Anonymous says:

    Looks like Cal is trying on Dad's goatee.

  2. Chuck Weinberg says:

    Hi, I didn't know you still posted:)
    Nice picture. He had better be careful liking ice cream because he will end up being my size.

  3. Leila says:


  4. Anonymous says:

    I love how Calvin is loving the fact that number one, he has ice cream and number two, that he is MESSY!!

  5. klappingkline says:

    Cut pic Mr. Higgins!! Cal is always so cute:)

  6. Jasleen says:

    Awesome Picture! What fun memories these will be later on. In fact, this one looks like a senior slideshow picture :)

  7. Cherie Baker Vann says:

    that kid is so dang cute!!!

  8. bean says:

    I'm glad you guys all are enjoying him too – he's my desktop background right now and the happiness is contagious.

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