whoa, two posts within a week?

It’s Maggie’s seventh birthday today!

Oh, wait, it’s already 12:18am.

It was Maggie’s seventh birthday yesterday!

For a multitude of reasons that I may or may not elaborate on at another time when I’m not supposed to be sleeping, we are celebrating throughout the week – Seven Days of Turning Seven!
I really can’t believe she’s seven. We love this girl.
Check out the pictures by clicking below…
once kit was free, she was given a lot of affection
Oh, wait! There’s more. Video and everything, courtesy of skh.
If you have a hankering for more moving Higgins children, you can wander around Vimeo a little as we have a few up that haven’t been blogged…since I don’t blog.
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4 Responses to whoa, two posts within a week?

  1. swingingsarr says:

    H 7th B-D M.

    The green sweater is sooo cute. Is it handmade??

  2. bean says:

    Hi, Sonja!

    Yes, made by the knitting master herself, Annie Grook.

    Isn't it awesome? I want one too! :)

  3. Barbara says:

    I hope Maggie, enjoyed the other 5 days of her birthday celebration as much as she enjoyed the first two! Are you all still putting down floors? Am totally impressed with Calvin's hammering skills!

  4. barb says:

    that was so cool watching Maggie open her American Girl. She looked so happy:)

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