watering can purses and flower girls

It’s like a garden theme. But not.

Here’s Hallie, modeling a new-to-her dress passed down to her via Maggie. This dress was a gift from Grandma and when Maggie fit in it, she loved it too. We almost missed the window for Hallie, though – I keep forgetting how much bigger she is than Maggie was and as a result, this will probably be the only time she wears it.

The watering can is not a hand me down but is an Old-Navy-clearance-rack-Easter-basket-turned-purse-slash-diaper-bag. Hallie absolutely loves it and whenever she thinks there is a chance we are going somewhere, she runs to get her bag and then stands at the door, ready to go.

loving grandma's dress

Both girls are going to be flower girls twice this summer, once for Ian and Kimmy and once for Uncle D and Clarissa. Maggie couldn’t be more excited and Hallie has no idea what is going on. However, she does like to try on her dress and spin around in it. I think she’ll look lovely even while screaming at the all of the strangers in attendance. Here she is with some residual annoyance at me for making her stop spinning to pin the shoulders…don’t worry, I used safety pins.

flower girl dress

And finally, here’s one I just love, blurriness and all.

flower girls

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3 Responses to watering can purses and flower girls

  1. Chuck Weinberg says:

    Wow- how quickly they get big.

    OK- Maggie looks like you and Sean and does Hallie not look like Gale with a huge smile on her face?

    Your girls will be practicing getting married and ours not practicing any more.

  2. Chuck Weinberg says:

    Oh, maybe in 6 weeks Hallie will be over screaming at strangers, since she seems to like me now and I'm not sure how that happened.

  3. Clarissa Michele says:

    Awww they are soo adorable. Can't wait to have them in our wedding!! -and I think Hallie looks like Gale too.

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