skh says I need to get over how many things I’m not blogging and just post something. So here is something. Two somethings, actually.

Hallie is potty trained. Mostly. Yay! I took a couple of pictures of the trainee.

cheesy smile

By the way, on a mothering note…it adds an exciting and mind-challenging twist to potty training when your subject doesn’t speak any recognizable language. The listed definitions for “Mo’ mo’ mo’” in the Hallie dictionary are getting out of control, and this presents a problem when one of meanings is a very urgent “I need to be put on the potty NOW, immediately, post haste, hurry hurry hurry, can’t go fast enough”. We’re working very diligently on “peeeeeeepeeeeeee” as her next word, but so far it sounds a lot like “Boppa”.

Potty princess has a pretty cute little sister. Keekster freakster is 5 months old. Actually, she’s almost 6 months old, but we’ll pretend that’s not true.


You know, every time I post something, I think about how much I enjoy blogging. I really do. Too bad that I can’t keep any thoughts in my head for longer than 3 minutes.

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7 Responses to something

  1. Bekah says:

    heavy sigh….I am right there with you Mo

  2. Barbara says:

    Awww … for both baby photos! Your kids are so adorable, and I am so happy for you that, hopefully, soon one more will be OUT of diapers. YAAAY! Thanks for posting. I love hearing news about y'all.

  3. Leila says:

    Oh, SO CUTE. Mo, what great pictures! (Note: Andy's first comment was: why doesn't Keelah have a black bunny?).

  4. bean says:

    Leila, I had to do some serious editing on Kiki's picture. I CANNOT figure out how to get the right exposure. Anyway, that little white dropper thing in the white balance adjustment fixed it…to the inevitable glowing background. Oh well. At least you can see her cuteness.

    Tell Andy that his comment made me laugh and that it's actually a major topic of discussion. We'll be adding baby dolls that look like Keelah to the baby pile, but hopefully Kiki will be comfy with the idea of mommies and babies looking not-so-much the same, lol.

  5. MillerMilleu says:

    Okay, like you i rarely blog or view others blogs, but i am a bit delirious after a week of some very long nights with two sick girls…who are still sick. Is this a the baby of your friends who adopted or did you all adopt too??? WOW! if you did. Praying for you either way. Maybe one day this summer we need to have a play date. Where exactly are you in WA? Near Seattle or Spokane? We are in the middle of sage brush, vineyards and rattle snakes :)

  6. MillerMilleu says:

    i can't write this late at night :( forgive the sentence structure! If you can understand Hallie, i think you can catch my meaning :/

  7. bean says:

    Hi, Tara! So sorry it took me forever to write back. That is our baby! She was a total surprise. We found out about her 6 weeks before she was due and then got to bring her home from the hospital when she was 2 days old. We've been praying for an adoption to be dropped on our laps for a long time now, and then once we really started pursuing adoption because we thought it wasn't going to just appear, voila! :) Our friends are still working on it – Ethiopia has become verrrry slow and difficult, so they are investigating some domestic options too.

    We are 40ish minutes north of Seattle – where are you again? It would be way fun to get everyone together. :)

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