first braids, first bike and…i’m out of alliteration

perfect model

Not amazing, but it’s something. Three box braids to be precise.

ready for the road

Mr. Brian brought over his motorcycle and let Cal sit on it. Later that week Mr. Brian let Cal play with his sword from the Marines. Calvin thinks Mr. Brian is just a little awesome.

Hallie accessorized herself. We don’t normally keep ear-warmers on our kids when they are inside.

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6 Responses to first braids, first bike and…i’m out of alliteration

  1. Susan Navas says:

    Oh my word are your children incredibly cute!!! I love reading your blogs and seeing your pictures. God has blessed your socks off with those four!

  2. Joan Dabrowski says:

    Wait – where is the blogging! I want words AND cute pictures. Rip-off!!!!!!

    Kiki's hair is so cute:D


  3. Amy says:

    You're kids are too cute!! I heart them.

    On another note, you need to add Kiki to your blog title. THAT'S how long it's been since you've blogged! ;-)

  4. bean says:

    @susan, hello!!!! how are you? thanks for commenting! i was just thinking about you and your brilliant daughter the other day, actually.

    @joan, come on! you are asking way too much. and there are at least 7 words in this post. her hair is cute, i agree!

    @amy, um, yes. i should fix that. thank you for noticing. i might have left her off forever, lol. i am hoping to find my mind soon.

  5. Valerie (Kyriosity) says:

    First braids, first bike and…first bean blog post in March. ;-)

  6. bean says:

    Nice! Valerie, I should hire you to blog for me. Would accept payment in the form of yarn scraps and various kid art projects?

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