157.5 (yay!)

Yay for my new site! (Thanks, skh, you’re the man.)

Yay for 157.5! That was six pounds in the first two weeks, and I’m very glad.

Tomorrow’s weigh-in is probably not going to be quite as happy, but that’s okay. I’m very encouraged and ready to keep on working at it.

Just to round things out to a nice Trinitarian three, this is a great message from Doug Wilson. Sean passed it on to me and now I continue the favor. “This is what the life of faith consists of – exalting in victories before the battles.”

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3 Responses to 157.5 (yay!)

  1. clyde says:

    New home! Nice. Looking forward to continuing the story in this new space Morgan!

  2. SKH says:

    You can count on Clyde, the first comment-responder here in the “new space.”

    Blog away!

  3. Keri Ronk says:

    Fancy new site! Yay for your weight loss! Keep it up!

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