easter happened

And I have pictures.

the winner

Click on that picture to see a bunch more.

Kit’s shrug didn’t make it in time. It did get done, but not for Easter. She was very sad. And cold.

Not really. Here she is modeling her shrug later.

kit modeling

Aren’t you impressed that I got an American Girl doll to stand in the grass by herself? I was. Calvin was watching and laughed hysterically every time she fell over.

I also didn’t get any hair things done for the girls, and both of the men’s ties didn’t get made either. Oh well. Who cares about things like that when this is your pack of kids?!?

yes, there is spitting going on here

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There, I said it.

Okay, for any of you who are here for cute children, here you go.

such a cute hat

Now go ahead and skip this post. Not about cute children. Sort of maybe caused by some of the cute children, but not about them.

I weigh one hundred, sixty-three and a half pounds and it’s time to do something about it.

Okay, this is where I typed a bunch of disclaimers. And then I deleted them. And then typed them again. Including this picture of my husband who still registers in some “overweight” categories based on his height.

skh at shepherd's conference 2008 by Lukas VanDyke

Not exactly overweight.

Then I deleted them again. I’m leaving them deleted. Just go with that’s how much I weigh and for me to be in good physical shape to give myself to my family effectively, I need to lose some weight.

I’m not sure how much I need to lose. I’m thinking somewhere between 20 and 30 pounds. And for those wondering, no, I am not basing this on my pre-baby athletic self. I am, however, basing this on my pre-two-rounds-of-hyperemesis self, so it still may not be realistic. I guess we’ll see.

Step One.

Two weeks of relatively intense (for me) focus on getting rolling down the weight loss hill. I’m bodybugging, staying active and (again, for me) on a tight food plan. A smoothie for breakfast, a Lean Cuisine for lunch and dinner and approved snacks up to 1500 calories. I’m hoping to lose four pounds in these two weeks, putting me under 160. Then I will blog the results, reevaluate with my very wise husband and go from there. Oh, and I do get one freebie meal per week. Sadly, I started this yesterday and used my weekly freebie yesterday on my date night with skh. But today I was very good. And my freebie was yummy. Olive Garden.

Alright, there it is. My extremely silly post about how much I weigh. Thanks for reading! Feel free to encourage or kick me if I need it.

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easter sweatshop

Femina (love it over there) is hosting a little Easter blog party, and check it out…I’m participating! This will make four entire posts for this year. Maybe this will develop into a pattern! Maybe not.

Speaking of patterns, oddly enough I have actually blogged two other Easter related posts in previous years. Any sort of pattern on a blog that gets updated twice a year is strange, really. Remember tiny(ish) Calvin who hated his tie? And last year’s skirts?

Anyway, my original Easter blogging plan was to post pictures of the creations once they were finished, but this blog party sounded like fun, so here I am, taking a break from endless knitting to give a few shots of the WIPs (“works in progress” for you non-Ravelry-ers).

First up, THE DRESSES.


You may wonder how, exactly, it is that all the dresses are actually completed sewing-wise. It is not 2am on Easter morning, you know. Well, for some reason I thought Easter was at the end of March…no idea why, but I’m glad I did, cause this is the first sewing project I’ve ever had done really early. I likey. But that had it’s own drawbacks…it allowed time for me to decide they needed embroidery. And then decide that the Target sweaters I bought weren’t nearly as cute as hand knit shrugs. And of course we need a matching tie for Cal. And matching hair things. And so it goes.

(Quick question about the dresses…please weigh in on this vastly important matter. Have I crossed the cute matching line into embarrassing territory? It’s cute to me, but is this weird mommy behavior? Hey, I should figure out how to add a poll or something. Back to the post now.)

Here is Cal’s tie. And the girls’ hair things.

tie + hair things

Just a little left to do there.

And the shrugs? Here’s Keelah modeling hers.

teepee torture

And yes, that’s probably dangerous.

For any interested parties, the pattern for the dresses can be found and purchased here (proceeds go to the designer’s family’s adoption!), the shrug pattern is here (or on Ravelry – Something Beautiful Shrug) and the tie pattern is over here. And big thanks to Ginger and Sage for teaching Maggie and I how to embroider. Every single time I start embroidering I can hear Mr. Bingley saying “You all paint tables, and play the piano, and embroider cushions! I never heard of lady but people say she is accomplished.” It makes me laugh. If I turned these dresses into cushions, I’d be accomplished now.

One last thing. Just so you know that I do have the ability to say no, when I stumbled upon these last night, I decided to save them for next year instead of staying up all hours of the night to make fifty gazillion of them for Easter baskets.

Tiny Baby Bunnies

Besides, they totally would have ended up in Hallie’s mouth.

Alright, thanks for stopping by! See you after Easter!

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chicken feet

Yep, chicken feet.

Chicken feet.

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first braids, first bike and…i’m out of alliteration

perfect model

Not amazing, but it’s something. Three box braids to be precise.

ready for the road

Mr. Brian brought over his motorcycle and let Cal sit on it. Later that week Mr. Brian let Cal play with his sword from the Marines. Calvin thinks Mr. Brian is just a little awesome.

Hallie accessorized herself. We don’t normally keep ear-warmers on our kids when they are inside.

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skh says I need to get over how many things I’m not blogging and just post something. So here is something. Two somethings, actually.

Hallie is potty trained. Mostly. Yay! I took a couple of pictures of the trainee.

cheesy smile

By the way, on a mothering note…it adds an exciting and mind-challenging twist to potty training when your subject doesn’t speak any recognizable language. The listed definitions for “Mo’ mo’ mo’” in the Hallie dictionary are getting out of control, and this presents a problem when one of meanings is a very urgent “I need to be put on the potty NOW, immediately, post haste, hurry hurry hurry, can’t go fast enough”. We’re working very diligently on “peeeeeeepeeeeeee” as her next word, but so far it sounds a lot like “Boppa”.

Potty princess has a pretty cute little sister. Keekster freakster is 5 months old. Actually, she’s almost 6 months old, but we’ll pretend that’s not true.


You know, every time I post something, I think about how much I enjoy blogging. I really do. Too bad that I can’t keep any thoughts in my head for longer than 3 minutes.

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i can’t wait any longer

We’re not ready to really post anything yet, but I can’t stop myself from putting this picture up before I go to bed. She’s just too cute. Love her so much my head might pop off.

it's a smile!

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the costs we’ve been cutting

I’m not sure how I haven’t posted this yet, but here’s a little something that’s been keeping us busy around here.

127 postcard

The fundraiser is next Saturday, May 15th, and I was just saying that I’ve begun feeling exactly like I did at the end of Calvin’s pregnancy. I really, really, really just want to have this baby. Even if it’s an ugly baby.

In all seriousness, we are so excited by what God has already done and can’t wait to see what He has in store. Our passion for adoption continues to grow and we are thrilled to get to be a part of helping make this a reality for Ben and Katie. Hope to see you all at The Farm!

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watering can purses and flower girls

It’s like a garden theme. But not.

Here’s Hallie, modeling a new-to-her dress passed down to her via Maggie. This dress was a gift from Grandma and when Maggie fit in it, she loved it too. We almost missed the window for Hallie, though – I keep forgetting how much bigger she is than Maggie was and as a result, this will probably be the only time she wears it.

The watering can is not a hand me down but is an Old-Navy-clearance-rack-Easter-basket-turned-purse-slash-diaper-bag. Hallie absolutely loves it and whenever she thinks there is a chance we are going somewhere, she runs to get her bag and then stands at the door, ready to go.

loving grandma's dress

Both girls are going to be flower girls twice this summer, once for Ian and Kimmy and once for Uncle D and Clarissa. Maggie couldn’t be more excited and Hallie has no idea what is going on. However, she does like to try on her dress and spin around in it. I think she’ll look lovely even while screaming at the all of the strangers in attendance. Here she is with some residual annoyance at me for making her stop spinning to pin the shoulders…don’t worry, I used safety pins.

flower girl dress

And finally, here’s one I just love, blurriness and all.

flower girls

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easter kids

hey, i like this one!

Is it too late to post Easter pictures? I’m not sure of the protocol here.

Well, either way, here are the kids, all clean, shiny and coordinated. I’m not sure how those skirts got done, but I can tell you that a lot of gathering is a close relative of love. Kit got a skirt too, but it was late and I forgot the rick-rack. See?

big hallie tears

Also note that Kit does not have a green sweater. That is because Children’s Place doesn’t make matchy-matchy things in Kit’s size…and apparently no matter how hot the dryer gets, you just can’t shrink a sweater for a 6-month old to fit an American Girl doll. I’m sure if you weren’t starting this process at 8:30 on the Saturday night preceding Easter you would be able to cut the sweater up and sew it to fit the doll…but I wasn’t in that category. Kit also went to church shoeless as no one knows where her shoes are and I drew the line at her wearing Strawberry Shortcake’s pink booties.

Oh, and just in case you were wondering, I heard over on Facebook that Cal’s tie is “tight” and “ballin’”…and now my vocabulary is “fresh”.

For any interested parties, these Twirly Skirts are pretty easy to make. It’s the same skirt I made for Maggie’s 6th birthday…and it works with a tutu under it for the poofiness that is much desired at a tea party.

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