i lack the perseverance

Our friend Sarah came up with a great idea for a blog post after hearing a little about why I am never, never, never, ever bored around Calvin. She suggested that I write down every question he asked me throughout a day and then post them all for you to enjoy.

So I tried.

It was really hard.

I can’t write that fast.

I don’t think the internet can hold that much information anyway.

Here is the first attempt. I didn’t remember to do it until we were part way through the day…I think we were at the end of lunch, heading into naptime. This series accounts for about 15 minutes, tops. If I have a comment for you, it follows the question in italics.

  • Have you ever been here before? Not sure if “here” is the table we sit at three times a day or the universe at large.
  • Have I ever been here before?
  • Who was I when I was a baby? This one hurt my brain.
  • Still Calvin?
  • Are quesadillas heathy for you?
  • But not all people?
  • Does he really get germs with it?
  • Why are you having some?
  • Because you wanted some?
  • What is he? What is he? What? Who is he and what do you mean what is he?
  • Mama will you turn the hallway light on?
  • Will you leave it on?
  • Will you tell me about the fish not playing drums? Part of the sleeping routine for Cal, made up by Dada.
  • Can I play with that when I get up?
  • Can I… This one was cut off by my yelling “I LOVE YOU! GO TO SLEEP!” through his already closed door.

Okay, so the next day I thought I could do it. I was prepared for a lot of writing this time around. Here is the fruit of my labor…oh, and these are pretty straightforward, so no notes.

  • Can you get me some clothes?
  • Can I wear my basketball shirt?
  • Can I play with this flashlight?
  • Can I get my cowboy stuff?
  • Where’s Maggie?
  • Can I go potty?
  • Can I take my socks off?
  • Can I go get my police stuff?
  • Can Maggie go out to play?
  • Can I get my ‘struction stuff?
  • Since my hardhat is in my room, can I go get it quietly?
  • Where does my meatball go? Okay, this one does need a note. This is actually a plastic boulder that goes with a toy dump truck. He is sure it’s a meatball.
  • Whatchu looking at?
  • Can I have water?
  • Can I have ice too?
  • Can I get my water?
  • And ice too?
  • Can I get some of my cars?

I think I lasted for about 6 minutes this time. I couldn’t figure out how to do this and actually continue to answer the questions and, you know, care for the other children as well.

If someone out there has a plan for me to follow, let me know, cause I do think it would be funny to have an entire day of his four-year-old questions documented for him to enjoy later.

Mo Higgins @hobbsandbean