easter kids

hey, i like this one!

Is it too late to post Easter pictures? I’m not sure of the protocol here.

Well, either way, here are the kids, all clean, shiny and coordinated. I’m not sure how those skirts got done, but I can tell you that a lot of gathering is a close relative of love. Kit got a skirt too, but it was late and I forgot the rick-rack. See?

big hallie tears

Also note that Kit does not have a green sweater. That is because Children’s Place doesn’t make matchy-matchy things in Kit’s size…and apparently no matter how hot the dryer gets, you just can’t shrink a sweater for a 6-month old to fit an American Girl doll. I’m sure if you weren’t starting this process at 8:30 on the Saturday night preceding Easter you would be able to cut the sweater up and sew it to fit the doll…but I wasn’t in that category. Kit also went to church shoeless as no one knows where her shoes are and I drew the line at her wearing Strawberry Shortcake’s pink booties.

Oh, and just in case you were wondering, I heard over on Facebook that Cal’s tie is “tight” and “ballin’”…and now my vocabulary is “fresh”.

For any interested parties, these Twirly Skirts are pretty easy to make. It’s the same skirt I made for Maggie’s 6th birthday…and it works with a tutu under it for the poofiness that is much desired at a tea party.

Mo Higgins @hobbsandbean