easter sweatshop

Femina (love it over there) is hosting a little Easter blog party, and check it out…I’m participating! This will make four entire posts for this year. Maybe this will develop into a pattern! Maybe not.

Speaking of patterns, oddly enough I have actually blogged two other Easter related posts in previous years. Any sort of pattern on a blog that gets updated twice a year is strange, really. Remember tiny(ish) Calvin who hated his tie? And last year’s skirts?

Anyway, my original Easter blogging plan was to post pictures of the creations once they were finished, but this blog party sounded like fun, so here I am, taking a break from endless knitting to give a few shots of the WIPs (“works in progress” for you non-Ravelry-ers).

First up, THE DRESSES.


You may wonder how, exactly, it is that all the dresses are actually completed sewing-wise. It is not 2am on Easter morning, you know. Well, for some reason I thought Easter was at the end of March…no idea why, but I’m glad I did, cause this is the first sewing project I’ve ever had done really early. I likey. But that had it’s own drawbacks…it allowed time for me to decide they needed embroidery. And then decide that the Target sweaters I bought weren’t nearly as cute as hand knit shrugs. And of course we need a matching tie for Cal. And matching hair things. And so it goes.

(Quick question about the dresses…please weigh in on this vastly important matter. Have I crossed the cute matching line into embarrassing territory? It’s cute to me, but is this weird mommy behavior? Hey, I should figure out how to add a poll or something. Back to the post now.)

Here is Cal’s tie. And the girls’ hair things.

tie + hair things

Just a little left to do there.

And the shrugs? Here’s Keelah modeling hers.

teepee torture

And yes, that’s probably dangerous.

For any interested parties, the pattern for the dresses can be found and purchased here (proceeds go to the designer’s family’s adoption!), the shrug pattern is here (or on Ravelry - Something Beautiful Shrug) and the tie pattern is over here. And big thanks to Ginger and Sage for teaching Maggie and I how to embroider. Every single time I start embroidering I can hear Mr. Bingley saying “You all paint tables, and play the piano, and embroider cushions! I never heard of lady but people say she is accomplished.” It makes me laugh. If I turned these dresses into cushions, I’d be accomplished now.

One last thing. Just so you know that I do have the ability to say no, when I stumbled upon these last night, I decided to save them for next year instead of staying up all hours of the night to make fifty gazillion of them for Easter baskets.

Tiny Baby Bunnies

Besides, they totally would have ended up in Hallie’s mouth.

Alright, thanks for stopping by! See you after Easter!

Mo Higgins @hobbsandbean