not a bird or a baseball skill

Well. Aren’t you glad you moved with me? I mean, with the flurry of posting over here I’m really supplying you with a wealth of viewing / reading material.

I have a lot of excuses. Most of them involve a baby shower. And I’m not kidding about that.

So I’ve missed two weigh-ins. The first one (now eight days late) was 156.5. I thought that was decent, seeing that I had definitely slacked off. And then the next week was worse. I really, really slacked off. I’d tell you those excuses, but they are so silly you wouldn’t believe me. So my second weigh in was shocking to me as I was pretty sure I’d be back up over 160. Nope, 156. I guess my eating plan is helping! Yay. I’m back being much more intense for the next few weeks. I’d love to be at 153.5 this week, making it ten pounds total.

Alright. That’s it for tonight. I am going to squeeze in a post this week showing off the fruit of some recent crafting flurries. I’ve got sort of freaky (but cute) little girl t-shirt nightgowns, a yellow handprint, a few things featuring bunting (both my dad and skh didn’t know what bunting was…do you?) and revised flip-flops for giant toddlers. Oh, and a head full of box braids. Fourteen.

Mo Higgins @hobbsandbean